What A Difference Three Years Make…


In 2016, I published my first novel. Regress: the Alliance Chronicles was a story set in an imperfect, near future—2025 to be exact. The finished manuscript went through FIVE revisions before it was ready for publishing.


Since that first book, I’ve published fourteen other titles under two names—SF Benson and Nadirah Foxx. I’ve written a novella for the Havenwood Falls Sin & Silk series. And, I co-wrote another novel with three other authors for the general Havenwood Falls series.


That’s a lot of characters and a heck of a lot of words. Through it all I’ve learned a few things.

First, I discovered that I enjoy writing the type of characters that are hard to love. I hadn’t thought about it until my editor mentioned it. Nearly every one that I’ve written in the past year have been the types that readers should hate. In spinning his or her tale, I give you guys reasons to love them or simply be concerned with their story. I promise you that it’s not an easy endeavor. It’s like trying to find the redemptive quality in the child from The Omen. Give me time, and I’m sure I can untwist that persona. [smile]


Second, I zeroed in on my niche. When I began this journey, I assumed I’d only write dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction. Then, I wrote my first paranormal romance. I loved the characters so much so that I kept writing and created an entire world for them to live, play, and love in. I went from an unspecified general logo to a more specific one.


Even my characters have grown over the time.  They’ve gone from simply standing up for what they believe in (Tru Shepherd in Regress   ) to fighting for their lives (Blood Vendetta). I no longer write about just the good guys. My alter ego has learned to craft devious villains and truly bad men.

It’s been a wonderful journey, and I look forward to evolving even more. 

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