ON SALE: “The Name Bearer” by Natalia Hernandez


Title: The Name-Bearer

Author: Natalia Hernandez

Genre: Latin Fantasy

Publication Date: Oct. 11, 2022

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For her entire life, the Name-Bearer’s sole purpose has been to receive and deliver the names of the future monarchy from the Flowers of Prophecy. But when the child is finally born and the Name-Bearer is sent to the Flowers, they refuse to name him. Instead they deliver a prophecy; another child was born who is more worthy of the Naming, and if they are found and brought before them it will usher in a reign of peace.

Having failed in her duties the Name-Bearer is considered a traitor to the crown, and must hide among an elite sect of warrior women where she experiences found family, friendship, and love. Her training as a warrior helps prepare her to embark on her quest to find the Unnamed Prince, clear her name, and bring peace to her realm.

A story of magia, warrior women, found family and love – and not accepting who you are told to be, but embracing who you are destined to become.

Natalia Hernandez is an Indigenous, Latinx, and queer book nerd who was lucky enough to have grown up all over the world. As a Third Culture Kid she has lived in Turkey, Romania, Poland, Guatemala, England, and now resides in Los Angeles with her cheagle Mija. As an avid reader and passionate writer, she wants to create queer fantasy novels that feature strong women of color in sweeping Latin American-inspired settings.

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