COVER REVEAL: “The Sol-Lumieth” by Morgan Wylie


Title: The Sol-Lumieth

Author: Morgan Wylie

Genre: YA Fantasy

Cover Designer: Evelyne Paniez

Publication Date: August 1st, 2024

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Alandria is fading.

The veil between realms has thinned.

War is inevitable.

She, the mistress of the mountain in Exhile, has absorbed an intense amount of power and is poised to unleash the next phase of her evil plan. Meanwhile, the Droch-Shúil spreads fear and darkness across Alandria. If salvation does not come for the Orchids, their souls will be lost forever. Will She escape her sentence in Exhile and take over Alandria? Or will the one surprise she isn’t expecting derail her?

Kaeleigh and Daegan rush back to Alandria after their tumultuous journey through the mortal realm, seeking the Book of Lenoria. Chel is in trouble. And the magical life force of the forests and territories of Alandria is being siphoned away, infiltrated by evil. The Dryads are doing all they can to keep the trees—and themselves—alive.

Unexpected friends have been found. The allies are ready to sacrifice it all to save their once beautiful realm, their home, but not everyone will survive.

Will the light of The Sol-lumieth be strong enough to stop the darkness or will this be the end of the magical realm of Alandria?

Morgan Wylie is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author with over 15 titles crossing genres from YA fantasy and paranormal to adult paranormal romance. In addition to her own worlds, she writes in the award-winning Havenwood Falls series, a collaborative multi-author project with countless stories.

Morgan and her husband live in the beautiful Northwest with their two daughters. Her work continues as she embraces all things: “Mama”, wife, creator, and mediator to the many voices and muses constantly chattering in her head… where it can get pretty loud! She also hosts The Lotus Bloom Podcast where she interviews others about their stories and creative journeys.

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