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NEW RELEASE: “The Vampire and the Case of the Secretive Siren” by Heather G. Harris & Jilleen Dolbeare


Title: The Vampire and the Case of the Secretive Siren

Author: Heather G. Harris & Jilleen Dolbeare

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: April 12, 2024

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Sex, drugs and siren songs.

Ok, so not much sex is going on. The closest I’ve gotten to some action is a date with Stan which ended in disaster. But with all the eye-candy walking around this small town, including the sexy vampire leader, Connor, I’m definitely re-thinking my ‘no dating’ rule. I don’t get the chance to do much about it though because some ruffians think it’s funny to break into the Grimes’ moonshine shop.

It doesn’t take too long to identify the shifters responsible, but it opens up a whole can of worms. Inebriated worms, like the ones you find in tequila. The kids weren’t just drunk, they were 
high. High on a new kind of drug that’s washing into Portlock. Literally. We found bags of the stuff floating in the harbour and it quickly becomes clear that this drug is anything but recreational. It can make you high, or it can shut down your organs quicker than you can say ‘shotgun funeral’.

We need to find the dealers and shut them down, before any more of our town gets hoodwinked by this powerful stuff.

Oh, and there’s a small problem with the barrier. The barrier that keeps us all safe from the cryptid monster that lurks beyond its confines. 
That barrier. Rips have been appearing in it, and if it falls, we’re all doomed.

An average day in Portlock then.

Dive into this fast-paced urban fantasy series if you love mystery, humour, found family and a slow-burn romance.

Heather is an urban fantasy writer and mum. She was born and raised near Windsor, which gave her the misguided impression that she was close to royalty in some way. She is not, though she once got a letter from Queen Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting.

Heather went to university in Liverpool, where she took up skydiving and met her future husband. When she’s not running around after her children, she’s plotting her next book and daydreaming about vampires, dragons and kick-ass heroines. 

Heather loves to travel and once spent a month in Thailand. Thai food remains a firm family favourite. It goes without saying that Heather is a book lover. She grew up reading the likes of Brian Jacques and Anne McCaffrey.

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Jilleen Dolbeare is the author of the Splintered Magic Series—A PWF series about a woman finding her magic, and the Shadow Winged Chronicles, an urban fantasy series about a shape-shifting bush pilot in Alaska. 

She loves riding horses, warm ocean beaches, and long walks in the mountains, none of which she can do in the Arctic, so she writes. Her activities are riding her four-wheeler on cold ocean beaches (often frozen or covered with ice), and long walks to and from work when it’s 40 below—in the dark. She does keep her stakes sharp for those vamps that show up during the 67 days of night.

Jilleen lives with her husband and two hungry cats in Barrow, Alaska where she also discovered her love and admiration of the Inupiaq people and their folklore.

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