• Meet Your Next Favorite Books​


    Meet Your Next Favorite Books​

    Lose yourself in richly captivating realms where supernatural romance guides quests of self-awakening…

    Where courageous characters are ready to embrace their deepest magic and transform their worlds.

    Each twisty, tension-filled adventure stokes an insatiable curiosity for belonging and bolsters the hero within.

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  • The Illuminating Chornicles Londinium


    The Illuminating Chornicles Londinium

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The Latest Series

Welcome to the World of Londinium

When Evaline Wainwright and her beau fall down the rabbit hole, they never expected to find a realm where nothing made sense. What’s more baffling than the constant dreariness is the simple fact that someone is killing Londinium’s citizens. Can a necromancer who wishes to become a detective unravel the mystery of Doctor Death?

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Meet SF Benson

Discover the captivating worlds crafted by SF Benson, the talented author renowned for gripping series like The Spell Caster Diaries and All Things Dark and Deadly. With over thirty captivating titles penned under two distinctive names, there’s bound to be something to enthrall every reader’s imagination

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The Illuminating Chronicles

Coming this Spring…

Dive into the immersive world of The Illuminating Chronicles of Londinium, a unique companion guide blending background lore, historical insights, fan-favorite trivia, captivating artwork, and exclusive content. With original short stories, unseen visuals, and perspectives from Mallie Wainwright and the enigmatic Oracle, this compendium offers a fresh lens into the rich tapestry of All Things Dark and Deadly. More than just a reference, it unfolds like a personal journal, inviting readers to rediscover beloved characters and unravel hidden depths. SF Benson’s latest addition to the series is an essential treasure trove for any devoted fan.

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Some things shouldn’t be wished for…

All Things Dark and Magickal

All Things Dark & Magickal is a young adult series featuring time travel and retold fairy tales. A gender twisted Cinderella… A vengeful Snow White… A murderous Red Riding Hood… These are NOT your childhood fairy tales!

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