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Title: Hunter in Me

Author: Lana Melyan

Genre: Urban Fantasy, PNR

Cover Designer: Orina Kafe

Publication Date: June 20th, 2024

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

I’m a witch and a hunter, and I’ve been working in Atlanta in a secret agency that keeps the supernaturals under control for ten years.

When I get the sad news from home that my powerful warlock father was murdered, I’m determined to find his killers.
Predicting his death, my father left me some hints.

Following them, I end up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Whispering Pines, in my mother’s old house I’d never heard of.

Did I mention she was killed too? I was three.

In search of the killers, I cross paths with the town witch and discover a portal to a realm full of witches, vampires, and a pack of wolves with their handsome alpha.

This small town is full of supernatural problems, and from what I learned from the alpha and the townspeople, my mother was the one solving them back when she lived here.

Soon, I realized that my father’s killers weren’t after him; they were after me. He always said I was more than a witch. That I was different. So what am I?

The questions start piling up. And I’m sure now that the answers are hidden in my mother’s past.
I wish she’d left me some clues.
And she did, but in a more alluring form than I’d expected.

Hunter In Me is the first book in the Queen of Gates urban fantasy series.


Lana Melyan is the author of paranormal fantasy novels filled with epic love stories, great adventure, magic, humor, and strong heroines.
When she’s not writing she likes to read or binge-watch TV shows.
Lana has studied literature for five years. She lives in beautiful Norway with her two daughters.

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