The Struggle to Stay Motivated

The past year has been challenging, to say the least. After being laid off from my job, a series of difficult family situations unfolded, taking a toll on my creativity and writing process. Staring at multiple unfinished drafts – Blood Allies (the BlackGuard Society), Tangled Hearts, Dark Secrets for Nadirah Foxx, and Legacy Unleashed (The Last Arakunrin Saga) – has become a source of frustration rather than inspiration.

Amidst the backlog, I’m formatting the Londinium Compendium and have a fully drafted six-book series waiting for revisions. Not to mention the three remaining books to draft for the Guardians of the 4th Dimension spin-off series, a planned six-book romcom series, and a dark fantasy novel that has been rewritten three times over.

Today, I’ve decided to go easy on myself. As tempting as it is to push through with Blood Allies and the other works-in-progress, a break might be necessary to recharge my creative batteries. I find myself torn between two appealing projects that could reignite my passion:

Option A: Dive into the romcom series set in the paranormal realm of Falls Creek, offering a lighter, more whimsical escape.

Option B: Tackle the mythological fantasy revisions, immersing myself in the rich depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld.

What would you choose if you were in my shoes? I’m open to suggestions as I strive to find my motivation again.

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