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“Shift Your Focus”

Ever wake up in a bad mood? Instead of feeling good about the day ahead, you think about everything you don’t want to do? The job you hate, the coworkers you can’t stand, the commute you barely tolerate? 

Imagine a different start. Rather than focusing on everything you don’t like, you appreciate the fact that you’re alive. You’re able to get out of your bed, walk across the floor, and take a shower. You can go to your closet and pick out something to wear. It may not be runway fabulous, but it will look amazing on you. There’s food in the fridge and gas in your car. You’ll go to your place of employment with the realization at the end of the pay period, you’ll receive a check.

Seem impossible? Well, it’s not provided you alter your mindset. Stop focusing on those things you don’t want or like. Instead, shift your focus to an attitude of gratitude. If you want a new job, take the actions to make it happen. Hate your commute? Find a new route. Not crazy about your coworkers? Try smiling despite the fact.

Trust me, altering the way you perceive life isn’t an easy task. It requires positive thought even when you have doubts. It’s realizing that YOU—not your boss or those coworkers you dislike—are responsible for your life.

You can create the destiny you desire. Do you know what that is? Do you believe you deserve it? Know this—you can have whatever it is you want. You just need to ask, truly believe, and be ready to receive it.

Half measures don’t work. Shifting your focus demands that you wholeheartedly believe. I’m not asking you to sit in an ashram and meditate for hours (only if that makes you happy). I’m only asking you to connect with the universe (or God or whomever you believe in). Have faith that changing how you think and see your situation in the positive will give you the life you so desire and deserve.

I’ll write more on my personal experience with this process. For now, let the idea simmer. Kick off your weekend thinking how you can make it phenomenal for YOU.

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