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UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Ace Broussard—Alpha Wolf Shifter


At the end of April, my first urban fantasy releases! The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta features characters that were first introduced in Worth the Fight (Another Falls Creek Romance, #1). Get ready to meet Ace Broussard, Alpha wolf shifter.


“Name‘s Ace. No nicknames here. I have two jobs in this messed-up world—leading my pack and protecting my mate. Not necessarily in that order.”

Do you have friends?

”If you’re referring to those I hang with, not so much. I have my pack—that’s family. I do, however, enjoy kicking it with Brady Romero of the Romero Pack from Falls Creek. When he comes to town, I make sure to spend time with the alpha.”

What is your role with The BlackGuard Society?

”I’m Morgan’s partner. We always investigate together. Should she need muscle, I’m there for her.”

Is there anything else you do for the organization?

”I provide resources. When extensive patrols are needed, I organize my wolves to help out.”

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

”Honestly, I spend most of my time with Morgan. I love her more than I thought possible. She’s my heart and soul. I know it sounds cheesy or like a line, but it’s not.


On those rare times we’re not together, I’m at the PFC—Paranormal Fight Club—working out. My participation allows the BGS to keep an eye on the club promoter, Damien Duchamp. I’m pretty sure that snake knows why I’m with the club, but he’s too busy enjoying the money my presence brings in. So far, I’m undefeated in the ring.”


Want to learn more about Ace Broussard? Be sure to pick up a copy of The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta  April 29th. Until then, you can read about him in Worth the Fight and Something More.

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