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“The Best Websites for Writers According to Writer’s Digest (Part 3)”

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Continuing on with my picks from Writer’s Digest magazine’s 101 Websites for Writers. Today, we’ll look at sites for Agents.

If you’re looking for a good database, check out . After clicking on the appropriate link on the home page, you’re taken to a form for the database. From there, you can search either by genre or by name (if you know it).

A quirky but worthwhile site is . The creators post a blog with stories of rejection, letting you know that you’re not alone in this world. The site also offers critique services for query letters, the first three chapters of your manuscript, picture books, and overall books. is one of those don’t miss sites! Agents can post what they’re looking for in a manuscript. Interested authors get the contact info for these representatives. There’s a blog and even a database.

Wrapping up this week’s picks is . It’s a huge database with a blog and a forum. You can join for free or sign up for the paid service.

The list for Agents is a small one. Writer’s Digest offers a few agents on their list as well.

Stay tuned, and I’ll bring you more next week!

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