AUTHOR INSIDER: “Developing A Story Idea”

In today’s Author Insider I’m sharing how I develop a story idea. Just like nobody writes the same as someone else, ideas are created and developed in different ways. 


The key factor determining a story idea is the genre. For paranormal romance, I love embracing mythology, but not your standard cultural references. I look for the obscure. Maybe Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Aztec.

STORY IDEA: A young adult paranormal romance between misfits. 

The initial idea has plenty of possibilities. Since it’s a young adult story and it’s mythology, I could use deities. Deities as teens.

STORY IDEA: A YA PNR between Osiris and a goddess before they became deities. 

Next, comes a little research. I have to know what the traditional folklore has been. It’s a necessity if I’m planning on deviating. I don’t want the story to be so far fetched that readers won’t buy it. 

I also have to learn a little about Egypt at the time that these gods COULD have lived. What food did they eat? Where did they live? What did they wear? What did young adults do for fun? 


After I’ve done enough research, it’s time to start creating my characters. I like using for main characters. For this example, I’ll pull from sources like and 


I’ll use either online sources or a book I purchased by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This reference book allows me to look up names by culture and check out the meanings behind them. There are even examples of surnames too.

While I’m searching for character pics, I’ll build a secret Pinterest board too. I love Pinterest. It’s like an online file cabinet for me. Things like locations, clothing, food, and anything I think might: 1) help me write the story, and 2) interest readers go on the board.  

I’m a recovered pantser which means I used to write by the seat of my pants. Since my first book, I’ve learned how to plot. Mind you, it’s not for everyone. Personally, I feel I’m still perfecting it. If you’re a not-yet-published writer, here are a few valuable resources to check out:

K.M. Weiland has a great website: that you should definitely check out.

I utilize Scrivener software for writing. Before I can start typing out the words, I set up the software based on the templates I use for plotting. 

My final step (and this one is totally optional) is setting up my playlist on Spotify. Everything I write gets one. 

And that’s how I develop a story idea. 

Here’s a recap: 


That’s it for today! 

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