SF Benson  

“Cloning and Secrets”


Have you read The Alliance Chronicles?





The United States is no more. There’s been a global pandemic, democracy has died, and technocrats run the American Republic. Tru Shepherd and Zared Aoki are teens who stumble across a piece of technology. Their goal? Exposing government secrets.



All that snooping around gets them in trouble. Zared, with the help of his friends, conduct a rescue mission. Of course, there are more things that Zared finds out.



Despite being in danger, there’s always time for love. Asher Jones tells Ko Castaneda a little about his past and admits his feelings.



No matter how bleak things look, Tru and Zared keep the faith. They’re determined to get the digital proof into the right hands, but first they’ve got to escape those who want them dead. 


But wait! Asher’s story isn’t over yet. 

Coming this fall you’ll finally get Mark Carter’s story in the final chapter, Renegade! 

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