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“Get Your Book Selling” by Monica Leonelle


It’s the middle of the week. Time for a book recommendation! 

If you’re a writer (whether published or not yet), you’ll appreciate this week’s book.




How do you build a book series or an author career without having to rely on the latest marketing schemes, tricks, or hacks?

Get Your Book Selling focuses on marketing strategy over tactics. You’ll learn: 

– 10+ marketing strategies that have always worked for selling books (these will not be worn out in six months when everyone jumps on the bandwagon)
– How to choose just ONE marketing strategy and make it work for you (so you’re not constantly spinning your wheels)
– How to turn that marketing strategy into a list of tactics that work now (this is your marketing plan!)
– How to map those tactics onto the 10 Stages of Audience so you are never confused about your sales funnels
– How to easily identify gaps in your 10 Stages of Audience so you can get sales flowing again

Get Your Book Selling also provides diagnostic tools so you can easily diagnose what about your book is preventing people from buying it—no more wondering or stressing about how to get more sales and earn a living from your work!

Monica Leonelle condenses her graduate degree in business and marketing + 10 years of copywriting experience + 7 years of publishing experience into a single book that will help you Get Your Book Selling quickly, easily, and effectively!


Personally, I have found the book very informative. Using Leonelle’s Ten Stages of Audience worksheet (available through a download) , I have pinpointed some tactics that don’t fit my current marketing strategy. 

The book is part of a series of great resources for writers in all phases of their career. Only time will tell whether Leonelle’s book helps me do what the title claims. 

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