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How To Break A Vampire


At the end of the month, Worth the Fight, turns one! 

Hank Richards, a were-panther and police detective, only wants a break in life. His mate ran off with his brother, an MMA fighter. Hank gave up his rank in the pack to make her happy. Now he’s alone at a time when he needs someone the most.

Edwina Devereaux, a vampire hybrid, let herself fall in love with a being who claimed he couldn’t love. She kicked him to the curb when he chose another over her. Now she’s on the rebound wishing harm to any who cross her path.

Falls Creek might explode when Edwina and Hank hook up!

Theirs is an unusual relationship. Banned by Council. Doomed by species. But the attraction is so strong it might destroy them.

The past is waiting for both beings in Crescent City. Will their relationship survive when Hank is summoned to New Orleans to help his brother?



Chapter Two


N’awlins. Too many memories, some good and some bad, in a location with a history I’d rather forget. A past I’ve tried to put behind me for a hundred years. Thanks to Hank, the thoughts, all focused on one being—come back like a bad meal.


He was an imposing figure with wavy hair the color of midnight, strong features, and deep-set gunmetal blue eyes. The male was always impeccably dressed in custom-tailored dark suits, crisp white button-down shirts of the finest linen and silk ties. It was always an attempt at human perfection. It was only a persona. Beneath the mask, he was twisted and dark. A predator as old as time itself.

“Edwina, mind if I use your computer?” Hank’s voice drags me back to the present. “I can take care of some things before we get out of here.”

“We?” The one-word question freezes my feet. This isn’t a trip we need to be making. Returning to Crescent City is something I swore I’d never do.

Hank studies me for a moment with his eyebrows raised. “Yeah. Kind of hoped you’d go with me. You know the city. You got connections.”

Gliding down the stairs ahead of him, I say, “Not a good idea.”

“Hold on, Edwina.” Hank rushes behind me. “Explain to me what’s wrong with us going together.”

Is he listening to himself? Going together implies we’re a couple. That’s a discussion we’ve already had tonight. Sitting on the sofa, I grab my tablet from the coffee table. “Let’s be honest. Ya don’t need me there. Whatever ya need to know, I can tell ya before ya leave.”

Hank cuts his gorgeous emerald eyes at me as he sits down and takes over the device. No words pass between us as he taps on the screen. Should I be grateful or upset? What is it with males around me? All of them want things from me, but they don’t want me.

You’re giving away the milk. No reason for them to want anything else.


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