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Which Thesaurus?

Today’s book recommendations are for those aspiring (or as I call them, yet-to-be published) authors.  


One of the most frustrating issues I’ve encountered while writing is finding another way of saying something. Sure you can pick up a standard thesaurus, but sometimes you need a little more.


If I’m writing about emotions, I not only need a myriad of words, but I need to describe those feelings accurately. 

I love Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi’s emotion thesauri. Yes, you read that correctly. They’ve published a series of this books covering everything from simple emotions to describing locations. Very handy to have on hand.


But what about those sexy stories? You know the ones where you’re trying to find a better way to describe body parts or a passionate kiss. That’s when I turn to my sexy thesauri. 

You can find everything from simple replacements for bosom to how to describe foreplay. 


One of the best books in my arsenal is The Writer’s Lexicon. I like using it to avoid repeating the same words or expressions.  There are two volumes of this reference.


Bottom line? Every writer builds up an arsenal of reference books to use in their writing. If you’re still building your library, be sure to check out a few of the different thesauri available. The days of simply using a standard thesaurus are no more. 

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