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Welcome to Falls Creek!


Happy Monday! I thought I’d do something a little different starting with this post—introduce you to the world behind my Another Falls Creek Romance series. 

Welcome to the town of Falls Creek, New York.


First, it’s a fictitious place based on the location of a real city—Little Falls. Second, I came up with the name before I found the town. 

Let me explain… 

When I sat down to write Cursed Hearts, I needed a name for the high school. Falls Creek High came to mind and led to Falls Creek, New York. 

So where is it, and how do I get there?

North of New York City. It would take you about five hours by car. If you don’t like driving, you can always hop on a train.

What can I do when I get to Falls Creek? 

If you’re looking for entertainment, you might swing by The Red Room, The Temptation Club, or The Savage Spot. Mind you, humans primarily go to The Red Room. But if you’re looking for more of an adventurous outing, be sure to check out The Temptation Club and The Savage Spot. They are side by side located on West Main Street.

If you’re hungry, there’s the Depot Diner off Canal Place. It’s a twenty-four hour eatery located in a renovated 1920s train station. Don’t worry, the train doesn’t stop there anymore. It goes over to Herkimer and then you can taxi into Falls Creek. 

The Sunny Waffle is great for a quick breakfast sandwich if you don’t want to wait for a table at the diner. 

What’s so great about Falls Creek? 

It’s a slice of Americana with people of all backgrounds living in one small place. The miracle of love permeates the town bringing humans and non-humans together.

If you haven’t read the series yet, what are you waiting for? There’s love, intrigue, and diversity on every page. Books can be read in any order. If you’re a fan of the Havenwood Falls series, you’ll love Another Falls Creek Romance novels! 

That’s it! Enjoy the rest of your day, and keep reading! 

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