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SALES ALERT: A Freebie and Kindle Countdown Deals


Do you like a sale?

Whether you’re a new reader or someone looking to catch up, I have a few of my titles on sale during Amazon Prime Days!

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Love Vigilante Romance?

Be sure to check out Justice from the Shadows!

Robbed of her future and family, Kerrie King is on the hunt for justice. 

After thugs murdered her husband and two-year-old son, a fiery determination ignited within Kerrie to find the killers. Never could she have imagined her hunt would lead her to Project Triton and a super suit that would change everything. 

Now, she finds herself charged with uncovering corruption in Liberty City and dealing with resurfacing feelings for her best friend, Josh. 

In the midst of it all, can Kerrie find a way to rebuild her life? Or will the dilemmas of maintaining a mild-mannered alter ego thrust her deeper into her heroic new calling?

How about a contemporary romance with broken characters?

Then be sure to pick up Savage Charm!

Two broken souls… 

Heading up the security team for a disreputable billionaire seems the perfect outlet for Dash Copeland’s anger issues. That is, until he commits the cardinal sin of consorting with the boss’s daughter—Peyton Daniels.

Worried his indiscretion could cost him his job… or his life… Dash turns his back on his powerful feelings for Peyton and inserts some much needed distance between them by going off the grid. He thought he could forget the seduction of her touch. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

When Peyton suddenly goes missing, Dash is ordered to track her down. The cost of failure being her life… and his. For the first time, Dash must cast aside his savage methods and handle the matter with a delicate hand. Will it be enough to save the only woman he’s ever loved? Or will one misstep allow his enemies to achieve their twisted agendas?

Finally, in time for Pride Month…

You’ll want to read Fighting for the Best!

He needs to be the best version of himself possible…

But Javier Hernández isn’t sure what is his best. 

He’s only ever known his dark side. A convict father and a gang remind Javier daily. Always in trouble with the law, society defined Javier as a no-good man who would end up in jail or dead. Until a chance run-in opens the door to change.

Harper Winslow understands what it means to give his best. The former Marine served his country proudly. Losing his leg ended his career, but it didn’t end his recklessness. The man has a history with random men, but he hungers to find a special someone who would calm his fears and hold him on those long nights when terror set in.

Two men with one goal—to be a better man.

But can love overcome doubt and fear?

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