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Before we say good-bye and good riddance to 2021, I wanted to look back at a few highlights—those things that mattered most to me and why.

Today, I’m spotlighting my WIPs!

I actually wrote NINE different stories in 2021!

The first two books of the Daimones of Death series have been drafted. As I mentioned on Monday, I realized my flaws in these and will address those during revisions.

The Crimson Storm has been drafted, revised, and edited. TCS is another story in the Keepers of Knowledge universe. This time readers will get an up close and personal with the science division. As soon as covers are approved and dates finalized by the publisher, I’ll let you know when you can pre-order.

Two more stories ready to go are The Red Veil: All Things Dark & Magickal, Book 3 and Dark Bonds: The Spell Caster Diaries: Book 3. The first book is merely waiting for its release date set for April 2022. The second has a date with the editor before it’s ready for release in May 2022.

Finally, I’ve done a major rewrite on the first book in the All Things Dark & Deadly series. First, there was a slight change in series title from All Things Dark & Dreadful to Deadly. Then, I changed the name of the books. At first, I was using Seeking Death. Then I went with Chasing Dr. Death. I settled on Death & Mirrors for the first book. The second book is titled Death & Shadows and will be finished in a few days. I’ll be writing Death & Magick and Death & Ruin next year. All four books will be released in the same year, too.

Not bad for one year.

Tomorrow I’ll highlight the big life-altering move!

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