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Yesterday, I introduced you to the new blog Eat. Travel. Read. Today, I want to give you a mini-excursion so that you know what to expect in the coming weeks.

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What’s the first thing I can expect from the new blog?

You’ll get an intro into the chosen book, and a little insight as to why I chose the setting (if it’s a book I wrote). If I didn’t write the story, I’ll give some information about the novel along with a quickie review of it.

Savage Charm is an upcoming title from my alter ego, Nadirah Foxx. The action is split between Scarsdale, New York and Paris, France. My husband had the pleasure of going to Paris when our daughter was a toddler. Yes, I was pissed and no, I couldn’t go. It was a trip for some of the male instructors from the martial arts academy we attended back in California.

How will you tie in the book to the locale?

You’ll get a virtual glimpse into the restaurants and shops mentioned in a book. Because research is something I love to do, you’ll basically get a behind the scenes of how I chose sites to include in a novel.

If I didn’t write the story, then I plan on scouring the internet to find suitable locales that go along with the book.

And what about the food?

Ahhh…this is one of my favorite parts of research. I don’t know about you, but when I read a story, I don’t just want to hear, ‘the couple had dinner.’ I want to know what was for dinner. How did it taste?

So, I’ll bring you recipe links, cookbook suggestions, and don’t forget those pictures!

And if I didn’t write the story? Don’t worry, I’ll do my darndest to bring you the best representatives for the novel. Let’s not forget Pinterest! I’ve been collecting recipes from all cultures to different boards.

Wait! You mentioned cultures. Are you going to bring us anything about the people and their customs?

Yes, I will! It sort of goes with the territory. I’ll look at music, art, festivals—whatever I can find.


Excursions will be anywhere from a day to a whole month. It all depends upon how much has been mentioned in a book.

I’m looking forward to bringing this new blog to you. I hope you find insightful and fun!

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