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Introducing Eat. Travel. Read. A Blog Celebrating Food, Places, & Books!

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Welcome to your new home for Food, Places, AND Books!

Wait… What’s going on? What happened to The WordSmithe?

It was time for a change—something to spark a little energy. So I scraped The WordSmithe and came up with a new focus complete with branding!

What Changes?

Gone are the haphazard posts. I tried hard to brand my blog with theme days. Frankly, that was a pain in the rear. Most days it felt like I was forcing the writing.

What Stays?

I’ll still feature promotions for myself and other authors. On occasion you might find a review along with excerpts and teasers. These things are the foundation of this blog and won’t go away. They just won’t be the primary focus anymore.

What’s New?

If you’re familiar with my books (mine and my alter ego), you know that I like tossing in food references along with places. My daughter groaned each and every time I had her read a segment from Shadow Love. She said I was making her hungry with all the mentions of jambalaya, gumbo greens, etc. In all fairness, her tummy growled when she read about the pizza and chicken wings in Finding Me.

What Eat. Travel. Read. will do is tear apart my books (along with SELECTED others) and give you a virtual tour of a city. It could be New Orleans, New York, Paris, or even Egypt. Think of Eat. Travel. Read. to be a virtual food slash travel blog that just happens to mention books.

I plan to devote either a week or a month to one locale. We’ll travel the setting, do a virtual taste test, and explore the cultural—a scenic tour of a book if you will.

When Does It Start?

I’m booking our virtual destination right now! Stay tuned for the departure date!

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