UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: The Elders—Rodrigo & Etienne


Release day for The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta is approaching. It’s time to meet two characters introduced in the first book of this series—Rodrigo and Etienne Bettancourt.


The couple are two of the Elders—ancient vampires and witches who advise The BlackGuard Society—mentioned by Morgan Vladislav.  

In the novel, Morgan gives her description of them. Etienne and Rodrigo looked like they were auditioning for an eighties hair band. 

Are you vampires or witches? 

Etienne: “We are vampires.” 

How did you meet? 

Etienne: “We met in Madrid during the nineteenth century.” 

Rodrigo: “I intrigued him. We were friends at a time when being gay wasn’t tolerated at all in Spain.” 

Were you both vampires when you met? 

Rodrigo: “No, no. Etienne, saved me. I would have been executed had it not been for him.” 

Etienne, how did you become a vampire? 

I was a Templar knight. My brothers and I had received word about a disturbance in the nearby forest. We went to check it out and were ambushed. I died that night. 

What is your role with The BlackGuard? 

Etienne: “We serve as advisors. If an agent has a problem with a case, they come to us for guidance.” 

Rodrigo: “Sometimes we can direct them to resources or help them think through the issue.” 

Etienne: “Yes! Brainstorming is very helpful.” 

 Give me a one word assessment of Morgan.

Etienne: “Determined.” 

Rodrigo: “Stubborn.”

The same thing for Ace Broussard. 

Etienne: “Strong.” 

Rodrigo:  “Protective.”

Thanks for talking with us today!  

Look for The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta April 29th! 

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