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Bringing Reality To My Stories


I ran across this question in an article for writers: “What elements from your life were weaved throughout your latest book?” Definitely not an easy question to answer when you write paranormal romance.

Then my alter ego drafted a romantic suspense—Not For A Moment —and she’s drafting a second one. The answer was staring at me. 

The first story is about a woman living in Royal Oak, Michigan who thinks she’s safe in her apartment complex and community. Anyone who has lived in a major metropolitan area would instantly think that Rachel St. John is an idiot. But isn’t that the idea you have when living in a dormitory on a college campus? As a freshman, I never thought anything bad could possibly happen in that environment. During my time there I became friends with a young woman who was in a relationship that became dangerous. The guy she was involved with became threatening. 

In the second story,  Savage Charm , the two main characters are broken. The guy is former military and is the son of an alcoholic and an addict. The girl is the daughter of a billionaire who withholds love from her. Neither situation comes from my life, but I was a peer counselor in high school. We received training that would help us talk to students who might be struggling with an alcoholic situation. No, I don’t remember all of my training, but bits and pieces came back to me while writing.  

As a writer, sometimes we get the chance to weave in bits and pieces of our lives into our characters. If we stay aware, however, we might find elements of our world that can be utilized in some manner. 

Just giving you a glimpse into my imagination… 

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