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Up Close & Personal: Rihana Fakhoury-Ahmad

Many of you may have read my series, the Alliance Chronicles. Today, I want to introduce you to one of the characters who was first mentioned in Release—Rihana Fakhoury-Ahmad.

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Rihana makes her first appearance as an innocent bystander Asher notices in the courtroom.

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Twenty-four hours later I walked into a juvenile court room behind my lawyer and Grandpa. The room was full of other people waiting for their moment with the judge. One figure caught my eye—a young woman wearing one of those head scarves. She sat alone in the back row. Her eyes, so impressive, captivated me.

—Asher Jones, Release: The Alliance Chronicles, Book Three

Why did I introduce Rihana?

Asher Jones had gone through so much in his life—losing his family due to violence and the killer virus. He was at a crossroads when he stepped into the at court room. I figured the woman who would distract him had to be different. She had to be someone who would intrigue him and make him take notice.

How did I develop her backstory?

That was influenced, in part, by the story setting. At this point in the series, Asher isn’t living with his grandparents. He’s living with Mark Carter and his cousin, Griffin. The house is near Dearborn, Michigan—a city with a sizable Arabic population. I did my research and learned that it was also the home to Syrian refugees too.

I was careful to not paint Rihana and her family in a bad light. It wasn’t my intention to make them the villains, but Rihana did get involved with the rebels against the American Republic’s leaders.

So, is Rihana a bad person in the story?

No. The Fakhoury family had some tragedies in their life. Rihana attended a meeting and learned that the New Order government was corrupt. The man who spoke, Raman Bashur, led the group to believe that they could fix things. All they had to was join the Alliance. Eventually, a rebellious faction emerged from the Alliance. Rihana wanted nothing to do with that.

Rihana Fakhoury is back in Restore: the Alliance Chronicles, Book Five!

Her friendship with Asher grew into love, and now they’re married. Find out what happens when Raman Bashur turns against them.

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