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A Book Review: “What happens when Heaven and Hell collide?”

We’re quickly coming up on the first anniversary of Finding Me (Another Falls Creek Romance, #2). I thought I’d share with you one of the best reviews I’ve received. 


“What happens when heaven and hell collide? Aww shucks moments, swoon worthy words and sexy times so hot even the fires of hell pale in comparison.

Colton is the grandson of the king of Hell and an incubus. When he is sent to do time in Hell for doing things his father planted in his head he decides he wants to be human. He is tired of being an incubi and wants to lead a normal life with someone he loves. He strikes a deal with his grandfather that for 30 days he will live his life as a human as long as he follows the rules. He ends up in New York trying to make sense of being human all the while falling in love.

Jeremiah is not necessarily human himself. Granted he has lived as one for very long time he leads a quiet life. Trying to make ends meet he sings his songs in bars for anyone who will listen. There is an ancient prophecy hanging over his head. He just wants to fall in love and live his life his way. He didn’t expect Colton to show up and flip his life upside down. He’s afraid to tell him his true identity and it causes some riffs in their budding romance.

I really loved this book. I would say this is my favorite so far but there is only one other book in this series. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for Colton and JJ. Their chemistry was yummy. You found yourself screaming just admit it already and get down to business!! I liked that they didn’t
make no apologies for being gay or loving each other. They lived life on their terms. I was happy that Colton found his true calling and found his one true love. I’m glad that JJ has someone like Zeke in his corner. Colts father is terrible and well Azaria she is a piece of work. I knew she was shady. Kudos to SF Benson on this wonderful story.”  [Review by Cranky TBC]

What makes this a great review?

It wasn’t the five stars (although they were nice to see). This is a great review because of the honesty and emotion evoked. I could tell that the reader truly enjoyed the story. She also understood Colton and JJ’s tale. And that is THE most important thing, I believe, to any author.

It’s one thing to write a book that’s enjoyable. When you include a message or a controversial idea, nerves set in. For me, it was a fear of rejection. Would readers not like the subject matter? Should I have written about the usual heterosexual relationship?

Fortunately, Finding Me was well-received. It’s sold well at signings too. I’m proud of the book and glad I chose to write it.

If you’ve read Colton and JJ’s tale, what did you think? I’d love to know.


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