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COVER REVEAL: “Perfect Office Pact” by Maria Jane


Title: Perfect Office Pact

Author: Maria Jane

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Editor: Jo Michaels, Indie Books Gone Wild

Cover Design: Daryl McCool, dam Cool Graphics

Publication Date: Feb. 6th, 2024

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Their rules are simple. 

He’ll keep his nose out of her personal life and help further her career.

She won’t tell the board what he did.

Declan Jordan crosses a line—a massive line—and he’ll probably lose his job if Mira files a complaint. When your boss majorly screws up, even if it leads to the thing you’ve been looking for your whole life, why wouldn’t you take advantage? Even if that means spending time with a man impossible to work with.

Mira Vasquez pricks Declan’s every nerve. When she was his student, her quick tongue and incessant questioning annoyed him to his wit’s end, but he had to hire her. She ranked top of her class and is bilingual. Now, he’s her boss. That’s a position he never wanted to be in.

Seeing her every day drives him wild because he can’t know her like he wants. Then, when he delves too deep, she turns the tables, leaving him in an even more precarious position. Further, there’s little chance she’ll ever see beyond his one misstep.

To convince her he’s not that person, he’ll have to break the pact he made with her, and she could end his career with one swift keystroke.

Find out if Declan is willing to risk everything for a what if with Mira in Perfect Office Pact today!

Romance author Maria Jane believes in the power of love. She sees that love may look messy and take a winding path, but there is magic in the journey. Her books are filled with fun moments, sweet gestures, surprising turns, and characters searching for their happily-ever-after. Formerly writing romance, as well as fantasy and dystopian titles, under Tricia Copeland, Maria Jane honors Tricia’s late sister and grandmother, two women who believed in loving big.


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