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FREEBIE ALERT: “The Mermaid Bride” by J.M. Butler


Title: The Mermaid Bride

Author: J.M. Butler

Genre: Fantasy Romance

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The man she loves is loved by another, and this rival will die if she cannot have him.

Years of war between the Children of Air, Land, and Sea have exhausted the lives and resources of its people. Nobles and royals must spend twenty years at least serving as peace healers to those who were devastated during these conflicts. Ishana, the youngest of her sisters, remains alone in the old Fortress of Elspeem, preparing for her time to go forth and serve.

But a young mermaid, Uaso, changes everything when she rescues a drowning man and turns to Ishana for help. Though quite young, Uaso wishes to marry the man and begs Ishana for her help. Ishana finds herself conflicted for many reasons, not the least of which are her own feelings for the handsome stranger who might save her from hardship. And a bad situation becomes worse when a fae princess is murdered at the time of the mermaid’s shocking arrival and transformation.

Jessica M. Butler is an adventurer, author, and attorney who never outgrew her love for telling stories and playing in imaginary worlds. She is the author of the epic romantic fantasy series Tue-Rah Chronicles along with many other fantasy stories set within the same worlds. She lives with her husband and law partner, James Fry, in rural Indiana where they are quite happy with their five cats and all of the wildlife and trees.


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