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NEW RELEASE: “Double Trouble in Mystic Hills” by Chris Cannon

Title: Double Trouble in Mystic Hills

Author: Chris Cannon

Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Publication Date: Sept. 18th, 2023

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In Mystic Hills, blood is power.

After solving her aunt’s murder, Belinda Harbinger, preschool teacher and amateur sleuth, hoped for a peaceful summer, but a magical game wreaks havoc in her newly inherited tearoom, splitting her friends into identical twins with distinctly different personalities.

The perplexing selection of victims—a banker, librarian, real estate agent, and a lawyer—leaves Belinda mystified. Could Reed, the man she’d loved and lost, be an unintended casualty?

When one of each twin starts to go missing, Belinda faces a race against time. Someone wants their blood, a vital ingredient to create spells and charms. She must unravel this riddle and find a way to merge the twins back into their original selves before they cease to exist.

Armed with her ability to communicate with ghosts, a scary new witch friend who specializes in vengeance hexes, and a handsome fairy healer, will Belinda solve the “Double Trouble in Mystic Hills” before it’s too late?

Calling all mystery enthusiasts! “Double Trouble in Mystic Hills” is here to captivate your imagination. Grab your copy today and discover the secrets that lie within.


Chris Cannon is a speech therapist by day and the award-winning author of

the Going Down In Flames series, the Boyfriend Chronicles, the Dating

Dilemma series, and The Crossroads Chronicles by night. She lives in

Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts.


She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can

find her sipping coffee while writing fire-breathing urban fantasies,sweet snarky romantic comedies, or paranormal cozy mysteries. You can find her online at

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