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NEW RELEASE: “How to Fake-Date a Vampire” by Linsey Hall


Title: How to Fake-Date a Vampire

Author: Linsey Hall

Genre: Cozy Fantasy Romance, Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: Aug. 31st, 2023

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Faking it with a vampire duke should be simple, right?

I’ve got one chance to prove to my coven that I’m worth my wand. But to do it, I’m going to have to make a deal with a vampire duke. I get to use his gorgeous estate in Cornwall to host the Beltane Ball–and in exchange, I’ll pretend to be his girlfriend. But it’s all a show for his grandmother.

The rules of our fake relationship are simple:
No flirting. No emotion. No sex. Simple, right?

Except I can’t seem to ignore the allure of the infuriating and devastatingly sexy vampire. Falling for a duke isn’t an option, though. I would lose the anonymity that protects me and my coven, and that would ruin my life. 
And the lives of those in my coven.

So yeah, totally simple, right?

Before becoming a writer, Linsey was an archaeologist who studied shipwrecks in all kinds of water, from the tropics to muddy rivers (and she has a distinct preference for one over the other). After a decade of tromping around in search of old bits of stuff, she settled down to start penning her own adventure novels and is freaking delighted that people seem to like them. Since life is better with a little (or a lot of) magic, she writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

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