COVER REVEAL: “Marrying the Muse” by Kari Castaño


Title: Marrying
the Muse
Author: Kari Castaño
Genre: RomCom
Cover Designer:
Laura with
Spellbinding Designs
Date: July 27
th, 2023
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How far will a
romance-wary thriller writer go in order to save her career? Simple: she finds
herself in a fake marriage with a playboy billionaire.


Olivia Harris, master of penning
thrillers that could scare the socks off a hardened criminal, is facing the
literary equivalent of a horror show. Her agent drops the bomb: publishers want
romance, not thrillers. So, she’s expected to switch from writing about
cold-blooded killers to hot-blooded lovers. Just one tiny problem – Olivia
wouldn’t know romance if it hit her with a dozen roses.


Meanwhile, billionaire tycoon and
renowned playboy, Alexander Kingston, is facing his own crisis. His playboy
antics have finally caught up to him, and his grandfather is done turning a
blind eye, threatening to snatch away Kingston Enterprises and his inheritance
unless he ties the knot. But where on earth would he find a bride in this
eleventh-hour scramble?


Enter Fate, who apparently thinks it’s a
stand-up comedian, flinging Olivia and Alexander together again after a
previous one-night-stand. Seeing an unexpected solution to his problem,
Alexander takes a wild shot and pitches Olivia a proposal that is more business
than bended knee.


Will they dare to venture into the unknown
or is the absurdity of their agreement doomed to upend their own rebelliously
romantic hearts?

Kari Castaño is
a vibrant new voice in the genre of romantic comedy. She is slated to release
her debut novel, “Marrying the Muse,” in the summer of 2023.


Residing in the
sun-kissed landscapes of South Florida, Kari finds inspiration in her lush
surroundings, the adventures that come with traveling, and the diverse stories
she encounters in her favorite Korean dramas. She has a knack for infusing her
narratives with a unique blend of wit, charm, and relatable characters that
resonate with readers.


Kari Castaño is a passionate writer, a global traveler, and
an avid K-drama enthusiast. She spends her days crafting stories that bring joy
and laughter, echoing her own zest for life, as she prepares to launch
“Marrying the Muse.”


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