DUAL COVER REVEAL: “All Things Dark and Deadly, Books 1 and 4”

TITLE: Death and Ruin: All Things Dark And Deadly, Book 4


GENRE: Gaslmap Fantasy

COVER ARTIST: Selkkie Designs



A necromancer. An evil entity. A chance to fix it all.

Evaline Wainwright has a mess of trouble on her hands. The Oracle and Doctor Death, now separate beings, have returned to the Mirror World. Melusina, the witch, stalks the streets of London. No one can find the Time Witch. And the perfidious mage, Fergus Culpepper, wants nothing more to do with the wannabe detective. Let’s not forget that the Firestarters hold the Firestone.

Making matters worse? Isyphena Alderose wants Evaline executed.

Can the aspiring sleuthhound fix the issues and return life to normal?

Or will she destroy both worlds?

Find out what happens in the conclusion of this thrilling, twisted tale!

Death and Mirrors, the first book in the series received a face lift to match the rest of the books in the series!


What happens when a budding detective falls down the rabbit hole?

Evaline Wainwright is the daughter of acclaimed occult archaeologists. The necromancer stumbles upon a mystery when a stranger dressed in black comes to the Wainwright home seeking help. Determined to discover the truth behind the visit, Evaline follows the woman.

Chasing the bizarre female land Evaline and her beau in a mirror world without rhyme or reason. The sun never shines, the fog never lifts, and it’s always damp. Life doesn’t thrive in Londinium because of a heinous criminal known as Doctor Death.

The beast can be stopped, but they need the mythical Firestone to do the job.

Can Evaline unearth the artifact and prevent the creature from killing anyone else?

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