For some, the urge to write was inspired by a book or a series of books. Me? I’ve wanted to write ever since I was a kid. I’m not sure where the idea began, but I was the kid who eagerly looked forward to writing-intensive assignments. If the teacher asked us to write two paragraphs, I wrote four. Was I showing off? Maybe. The real problem was I loved to write and couldn’t manage to narrow down my words.

My love for the written word continued through high school and college. I didn’t write about teens in love or anything remotely age appropriate. I think that came from reading ahead of my grade level. I wrote the things I enjoyed reading.

Nowadays, I find inspiration in all sorts of places. Sometimes a spark can come from the lyrics of a song, a quote, or even a documentary. I’ve been watching the American Heroes Channel. Not for its thrilling programming, but for the documentaries on Hitler and other megalomaniacs. Why? Character building of course. What drives a villain? Some of the shows I’ve watched several times, but each viewing reveals another juicy nugget.

My latest project idea is a tale inspired by African mythology. It’s a story I plan to pitch to a publisher looking for diverse manuscripts. The spark? I saw some outstanding illustrations for a new shared world project by a group of female African-American fantasy writers. The images and their names made me think of the possibilities. Then, I fed some words into the Notion app’s AI and came up with a story prompt. A random picture gave me the idea for the main character.

We’ll see where the story leads.

Speaking of leads…

I would appreciate it if you would take a survey for me. I’m working on some new ideas, and I’d love to know if they appeal to readers.

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