COVER REVEAL: “Breaking Girl Code” by J.L. Lora

Title: Breaking
Girl Code
Author: J.L.
Genre: Romantic
Cover Designer: Enchanted Romance Designs
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Mila is on the brink
of her professional dreams when her coworker asks her to distract her boyfriend
Alis—a man Mila finds irresistible—so she can meet her lover. Despite their
best efforts to ignore their instant connection, they succumb to the sexual
chemistry, and Mila finds herself at the center of a murder investigation.
Their story quickly goes viral, and public opinion convicts Mila guilty, using
her promotion and her night with Alis as the motive. The threat level becomes
critical when people turn up dead in places connected to her. Mila and Alis
must fight to prove her innocence, clear her image, and reclaim her life. As
the danger around them intensifies and their feelings escalate, Mila and Alis
can no longer deny their desires.


Will they find
salvation in each other, or will the killer destroy their lives once and for

J. L. Lora is a
Dominican-American author. Her stories explore the dark side of good
characters, people living in the gray areas of life while playing the cards
life has dealt them. She writes about strong heroines and their equally powerful
Men. She lives in Maryland, pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy,
can’t-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and
take-your-breath-away alpha heroes.


Author Links:

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“So, you’re from New York?” I ask.


She fidgets with her bracelet. “Jersey, actually. My uncle lived in New


“Ah. You don’t look like a Jersey girl.”


“What does a Jersey girl look like? And please tell me you’re not basing
that comment on Jersey Shore or the show with the housewives?” She leans
forward, and I strain to keep my eyes from drifting to her chest.


I raise a hand. “Guilty of Jersey Shore. I went to Italy one summer and
caught a stomach bug. It confined me to my room for two days. It was the only
thing on TV I could understand. Macaroni Rascals is what they call them there.
I don’t know what was worse, the pain of the stomach bug or the one from
watching them.”


She laughs, this time with her whole mouth, and it’s so contagious my
lips follow along. She looks less lethal when she smiles, even as the top of
her chest shakes.


I lean closer to her. “So, tell me what real Jersey girls are like.”


“Confident, tough. We can get down when it counts. We don’t pump our own
gas, but that’s because we know how to let people treat us like we deserve.”


I find myself smiling harder. “Oh, is that right? I always thought it was
because of the self-service ban…”


She shakes her a slow and delicate finger. “Clearly, you know nothing
about Jersey girls. I’ll need to educate you.”


God, please do.


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