NEW RELEASE: “Death and Magick: All Things Dark and Deadly, #3”

A necromancer. A Time Witch. A deathly doctor.


The Oracle and the Time Witch have outsmarted the aspiring pupil of Sherlock Holmes and escaped the mirror world.

But Evaline can’t simply chase after Doctor Death’s cohorts. For starters, she’s lost the Firestone along with her crystals and grimoire. Without a spell, she can’t travel back to London unless she relies on the mage wanting her hand in marriage…

Can Fergus Culpepper teach Evaline to tap into her powers to return the Oracle and the Time Witch to Londinium? Will magick be enough to thwart Doctor Death once and for all?


Alice took a dark turn when she fell down the rabbit hole in this twisted series.


Discover what happens when a magickal sleuth puts her abilities to the test.

There wasn’t a preorder on this next book in my twisted Wonderland slash Sherlock series, but it did release early!

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