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NEW RELEASE: “Dragons’ Daughter” by Astrid V.J.


Title: Dragons’
Author: Astrid
Genre: Fantasy
Date: Feb. 19
th, 2023
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Life in Aeco City is hard. No one knows this better than Fernanda, the
orphaned half-elf. After seeing her parents killed by humans and shunned by the
elves, she is left to the bitterest of existences. But even the hardiest of
pickpockets and shoplifters must have a refuge, and Fernanda’s is at the heart
of the city, in a location where she must always stay hidden for if she were
ever discovered, she would be put to death. One night, Fernanda faces off a
pair of thieves wanting to make away with the consecrated jewels of her
sanctuary. Can she stand by and watch as they plunder the last haven she has?


Xavier has been trying to find a way back to Fernanda. Since he left the
sanctuary, all he can think about is the “family” he was forced to leave
behind. After years of trying, he finally has an opportunity to get back inside
and get Fernanda out of danger, but to make it happen, he has to lie to a
friend—a lie that risks bringing death in its wake.


Dragons’ Daughter is one of The Wordmage’s Tales, a standalone accompanying
The Apprentice Storyteller. The apprentice has learned from master storyteller,
Viola Alerion, and now he performs these classic tales from the Haldrian Empire
in his own right.

and USA Today Bestselling Author, Astrid V.J. was born in South Africa. She is
a trained social anthropologist and certified transformational life coach. She
currently resides in Sweden with her husband and their two children. In early
childhood, she showed an interest in reading and languages—interests which her
family encouraged. Astrid started writing her first novel at age 12 and now
writes fantasy in a variety of genres, exploring her passion for cultures and
languages. When she isn’t writing, Astrid likes to read, take walks in nature,
play silly games with her children, do embroidery, and play music.


Astrid writes
transformation fiction: incorporating transformation principles in novels,
rather than writing another self-help book. She loves exploring the human
capacity for transformation and potential to achieve success in the face of
adversity. Astrid is interested in minority group questions, considerations on
social standards of beauty and the negative consequences these have, and would
like to make the fantasy genre accessible to people of non-white, non-Christian
backgrounds. Astrid feels the fantasy genre has become too restrictive with
limited representations of race, ethnicity and culture. She seeks to explore
other paths on this writing journey, incorporating her background in
anthropology and psychology to create engaging experiences, which also provide
food for thought on the diverse topics she finds most important. These include:
racism, minority rights, cultural diversity, culture change, intolerance,
humanity’s environmental impact, the representation of people on the autism
spectrum in among the general populace, the human capacity for transformation,
and much more.


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