NEW RELEASE: “Of Dragons & Desire” by G.K. De Rosa


Title: Of Dragons & Desire (Forgotten Kingdoms 2)

Author: G.K. De Rosa

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Cover Designer: Seventh Star Art

Publication Date: Nov. 14th, 2023

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


A lost princess.
Two dragon princes fighting for her heart.
A love that will either destroy their kingdom or save them all.

Raised in a world where humans are oblivious to magic, I always thought I was ordinary. Until a breathtakingly handsome stranger pulled me into a world where creatures of unimaginable power reign, hidden from mortal eyes.
The whispers in my mind? They weren’t madness. It was the voice of my inner beast. It turns out I’m not a human at all—I’m a dragon princess.

My infuriating captor claims it’s my destiny to marry a prince, to become the savior of an ancient dragon race, and end a curse that’s left them barren. But Draconia, the isle of dragons, is a maze of ruthless royal courts, treacherous lands, and dark secrets.

With each passing day, my heart is tossed in a tumultuous storm between two princes: the charming future king—my betrothed, and his mercurial brother, who ignites a fire that could raze the entire kingdom.

And I desperately need that inner fire because it’s the key to surviving the deadly Imperia Trials. In this brutal contest, the last dragon standing will reign over our divided kingdom. Beyond love and duty, it’s a battle for survival.

But how does one choose between heart and soul when both could mean certain death?

One-click above and dive into a realm where passion, duty, and power collide.

USA Today Bestselling Author, G.K. De Rosa has always had a passion for all things fantasy and romance. Growing up, she loved to read, devouring books in a single sitting. As an adult, her favorite books were always young adult novels and she remains a self-proclaimed fifteen year-old at heart. When she’s not reading, writing or watching way too many TV shows, she’s traveling and eating around the world with her family. G.K. DeRosa currently lives in South Florida with her real life Prince Charming and their two little royals.


My boots hit the hard-packed sand, and my knees wobbled for an instant before my body hurtled forward. My arms shot out in a desperate attempt to brace myself for the fall, but my head spun so badly, I had no idea which direction was up or down. 

Welcome home, Saphira. That familiar voice swam
through my mind.

An iron band laced around my waist, suspending me in mid-air
when I wavered. My shoulder blades smacked into a firm block of muscle, the
heat radiating from his form my only clue it belonged to a man and not the side
of the jagged cliff of the mountains surrounding us.

“Breathe slowly. The dizziness should wear off in a moment.”
Warm breath blazed across the shell of my ear, and a shudder surged down my

Ignoring the freakish sensation, I cocked my head at my captor.
“What in the hell just happened? Where are we?” I wrapped my fingers around his
massive, tattooed forearm and tried to pry myself free from his hold. Like last
time, I accomplished nothing but extreme irritation. On both our parts.

“If I let you go, you’ll fall, princess.”

“Then let me fall!” I speared my elbow into his stomach and bit
out a squeal. Mother Terrea, that hurt.

Mother Terrea? Where the goddess had
that come from?


Nausea roiled around in my gut, and I leaned back against the
stranger. I was losing my mind. No, it was that drink! I’d been drugged. That
would explain the incomprehensible lusty sensations toward this mountain of a
man holding me captive.

“If you hurt me, I’ll hunt you down and stab you with my
dagger,” I muttered. Was I slurring? The arid sand beneath my feet shot up over
my head. The endless blue blurred, and I squeezed my eyes closed. “Oh, no, I
think I’m going to be sick.” I hunched over and blue liquid spewed from my
lips, and all over my captor’s shiny leather boots.

A growl of irritation rumbled low in his chest, vibrating my
entire backside. He never let go though. His firm hold held me up as I spilled
the contents of my belly all over the dry, cracked earth. Strong fingers banded
around my hair, keeping the loose strands out of my face.

When I had nothing left, I spat out the foul taste in my mouth
and wiped the saliva from my chin. Damn you, Rhode and Morgana… I never
should’ve ordered those shots.

Shit, Rhode and Morgana must be so worried about me.

“Better?” he whispered.

I blinked quickly and forced my eyes to focus on the foreign
land sprawling around me. This was definitely not Las Vegas. Although the arid
landscape did share a slight resemblance to the desert. But just beyond the
flat stretch of land, lay a monstrous mountain range dotted with pools of
bright orange and crimson molten lava. Jagged, dusky mountains rose like giants
from the land, their peaks lost in the sulfurous clouds. Molten rivers cascaded
from the heights, carving sinuous paths through the barren, blackened plains
below. Toto, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. “My stomach yes,
the rest of me, no.”  

He loosened his death grip, and I sank onto the hardpacked
earth. To my surprise, he crouched down beside me, piercing silver eyes
scrutinizing. I kept my eyes down, pinned to the splatter of blue alcohol
across his leather boots. He couldn’t be happy about that.

“I demand you take me back. Immediately.”

“Oh, you demand, do you?” A stupid smirk stretched across his
handsome face.

“Will you just tell me where we are? And who the hell you are
for that matter? And also, why am I speaking funny?”

His head cocked to the side, dark tangles of hair settling on
his forehead. “You don’t know?”

“Um, no. How the hell would I?”

“All in due time I suppose, princess.”

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