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NEW RELEASE: “Of Blood & Nightmares: Forgotten Kingdoms 1” by Chandelle Lavaun

Title: Of Blood & Nightmares (Forgotten Kingdoms 1)

Author: Chandelle LaVaun

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Wanderlost Publishing 

Publication Date: Oct. 24, 2023

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A woman with a haunted past.

A prince who was destroyed by it.

The fight for survival that could ruin everything they have left.

My life never truly felt like mine. It was like driving a rental car, mine on loan for now but never to

belong to me. Never intended for me.

Now I knew why.

It was all a lie.

The moment that knight dragged me through The Veil into the realm of Terrea everything changed.

This world is nothing like home, it’s like I’ve stepped into a fantasy and traveled back in time. The

person I was and the life I lived are gone. Lost. That Veil is not reopening. I’m stuck here…Forever.

They insist I’m their lost vampire queen who has been brought back to make them whole again. But I

don’t know how to rebuild a broken kingdom or why the vampires are dying. I don’t remember a past

life or any sacrificial rituals they claim I did. I’m just an ER nurse from Los Angeles and I’m in way

over my head. All I want is to get back to Earth and find my sister, the only person who ever meant

anything to me.

Now the sacred Priestess demands I marry the heir to the throne and rule by his side. But Prince

Varan is a cold, snarling, gorgeous nightmare who’d rather throw me into the pits of a volcano than

even speak to me. No matter how cruel he is to me, I can’t help but be drawn to him. To need him.

But trying to get through his walls might be harder than saving the kingdom from death.

In the end, Prince Varan will either kill me or break my heart into pieces…and I’m not sure which is


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Author Bio:
Chandelle was born and raised in South Florida. She is the ultimate fangirl. Her love of Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments inspired her to write her own books. When she’s not writing she’s on the beach soaking up the sun with a book in her hand. Her favorite things in life are dogs, pizza, slurpees, and anything that sparkles. She suffers from wanderlust and hopes to travel to every country in the world one day.

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He froze. Those amber eyes shot to me, and I saw the flicker of rage in them. “What did you say?”

“Did I stutter?”

He fully turned back to face me. We stood mere inches apart from each other. “I asked you a question.”

“Disrespect me again and you won’t get an answer.”

He growled and the floor trembled. People were watching us like this was the Superbowl. “You have some nerve.”

I ran my fingertips over my throat. His eyes tracked the movement and that snarl returned. He knew what I was saying. “I apologized already. It’s your turn.”

His eyes flared. A red glow shined from his eyes. 

“Rhodelia, there you are,” Hollyn said in such a high-pitched voice that I knew she was just trying to stop this bomb from detonating. “Prince Varan, nice to see you.”

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