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A Mafia Hand: Juno (High Stakes, #1)
Shilo West
Billionaire Romance
Crave Publishing, LLC
Date: Jan. 2
nd, 2023
Amber’s PR


tried not to look at him again…Not today, you caramel sundae of a man, I
thought to myself.


been a thorn in my side all night. He was pretty enough to look at, but I
wasn’t in the mood for nonsense, and this guy couldn’t help himself. And I was
having to spend way too much of my time focusing on how to keep my thoughts
from wandering back to the dimple in his chin.


I could feel his eyes, they were fixated upon me.


for me, after years in casinos, country clubs, dive bars, and back-room card
games up and down the east coast before making my way to Vegas, I had learned a
thing or two, or four or five, about how to keep track of all the eyes at a
card table.


this tournament has no room for distractions. This tournament is my prison
break. My ticket out of a life I never meant to have. Unfortunately, in a spit
second, things took a bad turn…I saw Mitchell’s men.


Byron, known to the world as the mysterious inventor, entrepreneur, and tech
billionaire XK3M has been hunting me since the day I left. And he’s a lot more
dangerous than betting big bucks on some high stakes poker game.


I’m betting for my life…

Shilo West is the author of the High Stakes
series. She loves to write mafia/billionaire adventure type romances. Lucky
enough to live in Maui with her dog and fiancée, when she’s not writing, she
loves hanging out at the beach or hiking.


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