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NEW RELEASE: “Fear Inc.: Volume Three” by Melinda Valentine


Title: Fear
Inc: Vol Three
Author: Melinda
Genre: Romantic
Cover Designer:
Deranged Doctor Designs
Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC
Date: Jan. 12
th, 2023
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Ex-cop Kasper “Gutter Mouth” Guttenmuth has always been a playboy. Love
was a four-letter word. He learned that lesson as he watched his father run
around on his mom before she died. Until he fell hard for the wrong woman – his
best friend’s baby sister.


Krysta Sokolofski has been in love with the same man since she was a
teenager. For a brief time, he held more than her heart in his hands. Until he
pushed her away. A dirty secret he wanted distance from. It took her years to
move on.


They’ve hidden their brief affair from everyone for six years.


Watching the woman he still loves disappear inside a white van, he knows
he needs to come clean. Not only with her brother, but with himself as well.


Kasper’s ready to beg if he must. For forgiveness. For a second chance.
He won’t give up until he can make her his. First… he needs to find her.

Valentine was born in upstate New York. Being the youngest of four children
(and the only girl) made it easy for her to turn to books as a companion. As a
young child she was whisked away to Baltimore, Maryland. She spent her youth
reading books such as Nancy Drew, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Little House
on the Prairie saga.

However, it
wasn’t until she was twelve years old that she read a book (Stephen king’s IT)
that made her realize that someday, she would herself be a writer. After that
her first (horrible) manuscript came to life. At thirteen she had received her
very first rejection letter. Heartbroken, she continued to read even more to
learn about the craft of writing.

Today Melinda
calls West Virginia home, with her swoon worthy husband , three hilarious
children, and three crazy puppies. She creates characters that she hopes her
readers fall in love with as much as she has.


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