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NEW RELEASE: “Secrets: An ABCs of Love Novel” by A.R. Hall


Title: Secrets:
An ABCs of Love Novel
Author: A.R.
Genre: Romantic
Cover Designer:
Indie Sage
Photog: Kruse
Images & Photography
Models: BT
Urruela & Elaine
Publisher: Moon
Bound Press, LLC
Date: August 11
th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady
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Tabitha Grimaldi
never expected her life to look like this. Thirty-two and recently divorced.
She also never expected to become a cosplaying star and need the services of a

Stryker wasn’t living. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after getting out of
the military. He didn’t want to get out; they recommended it. When one of his
buddies from his former unit starts a protection agency, it seems like the
perfect opportunity to get a fresh start.

was ready for his first mission until he found out who it was for. The
childhood friend he always wished he’d pursued something with. She was the one
that got away. But last he heard, she was married.

needs a different bodyguard. Anyone but him. Can she keep her secret from him?
The one that she always loved but knew would never think of her in that way. He
was her best friend for the longest time.

only rule the agency really has is not to get personal with the client. It
should be simple. He should have let one of the other guys have this
assignment, but he couldn’t afford to let one of them get close to her. Not
when he still feels this way about her.

you keep a secret from the one that got away?

you keep a secret to not ruin a friendship?

Sometimes secrets are needed to not lose someone.

A.R. Hall has
always loved to share stories. She often got in trouble when she was little by
making up stories she shouldn’t have. She is a full-time mom, wife, and


A.R. Hall
writes mostly paranormal and fantasy romance. She loves telling a story that
makes you say “that was weird and hot”.


When she isn’t
writing or creating, she can be found playing in her backyard
“hippie” garden or glamping in the woods with friends.


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