NEW RELEASE: “A Hero’s Correspondence” by Kelsey Kain


A Hero’s Correspondence
Author: Kelsey
Genre: Military
Date: July 14
th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


As the temperature rises, things in Emerald Ridge are heating up. These
sexy heroes will have you fanning yourself off and reaching for a cool drink.
Kelsey Kain has delicious men in uniform that are ready to come to the rescue!


Are you ready?


When Sabrina’s brother lands in the infirmary with his buddy, Tate, she’s
placed on pen pal duty. Keeping their spirits up when their platoon ships out
while they’re left to heal. Giving her heart when he knows nothing about the
damage the near-fatal car accident left behind is reckless. But she can’t
resist getting to know him without the risk of rejection. In over her head, she
ghosts Tate, forbidding her brother to play middle man.


He’d grown addicted to her letters. Seeing her name neatly scrawled
across the envelope always made him smile. The move from friends to more was
seamless. After years of avoiding love after a painful upbringing , Tate’s
ready to commit when she slips away. She’s been keeping a secret, and he’s
hell-bent on finding out what it is— in person.

Kelsey Kain is
the steamy love child of a dozen instalove authors that you adore. Writing
short, high heat romance books that always end in a happily ever after, we know
that you’ll fall in love with our men.

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