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NEW RELEASE: “Illicit: An ABCs of Love Novel” by Jessalyn Jameson


Title: Illicit:
An ABCs of Love Novel
Author: Jessalyn
Genre: Contemporary
Cover Designer:
Indie Sage
Date: June 2
nd, 2022
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


Rylan Blake just
secured the internship of her dreams. Fresh out of college and as green as they
come, she’s been hired to shadow the head of one of the largest publishing
houses in New York. But Rylan’s dream job quickly proves to be a nightmare when
her new boss turns out to be the biggest control-freak on the planet.


Cabot Reed runs his
publishing empire with an iron fist, which is why Reed Publishing has remained
at the top for decades. He demands excellence in his life–both personally and
professionally–and tolerates nothing less.


When their paths
cross outside of their downtown office building, and Rylan finds herself in the
underground BDSM club where her new boss spends his nights, she discovers that
Reed’s need to dominate isn’t just a facet of his professional life; it’s the
very fabric of his existence. While submitting to Cabot is the stuff romance
novels are made of, working for him is an entirely different story. When they
find themselves wrapped up in the kind of illicit affair Rylan has only ever
read about, finding a happy balance between work and play could lead to happily
ever after… or cost them both their careers.

Love, Lust, and
a little Chaos


 Happily ever after… with a little bit of
chaos and a lot of heat between the sheets!


Jameson writes sexy, troubled guys and the strong women who love them. The road
to happily ever after may not be easy, but it is always worth the wild ride.


When she’s not
writing, you can usually find her with a drink in hand and a far-off look in
her eyes, always dreaming up her next chaotic couple. Jessalyn resides in Sunny
Southern California with her husband, their teen daughter, and a sweet
-but-wild rescue dog.


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