ARCs AVAILABLE: “Fate of the Wolves” by Adam Dark and Matthew Thrush


A ghost from the past. A forced confession. A deadly hit.

After breaking Capucha out of lockup, Alyssa Crawford and Marcus Walker are on the run. Not only is the para-natural agency after them, the Brown wolf pack just tried to kill them and they don’t intend to stop trying until they’re successful. Alyssa is forced to reach deep into herself and use her fire magic to escape – depleting her energy and subsequently going unconscious.

The only place Marcus can take her is Alyssa’s long-lost mother – a woman everyone thought was dead. Alyssa and her mother don’t get along, but she does everything she can for her daughter, including unlocking deeper powers Alyssa didn’t realize she had.

With Agent Starburns arrested for helping Alyssa break Capucha out, Alyssa doesn’t have anyone she can trust. Marcus has gone to interrogate his brother while Capucha is searching for a missing shifter. The Brown pack is also not letting Alyssa go that easily. With everyone closing in, Alyssa must reach out to someone unexpected, even though she doesn’t know if they’ll help. But at this point, Alyssa doesn’t have much of a choice.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Charlaine Harris are devouring this paranormal thriller.

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