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NOW AVAILABLE: “Dark Bonds: the Spell Caster Diaries, Book 3” by SF Benson

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A determined demon. A reckoning from voodoo spirits. Mankind’s demise… Only a female who’s part vampire and part witch can set things right.

Edwina Devereaux, a product of a heinous system of degradation, is content to be a wife and a mother. She made peace with her witchery and vampirism centuries ago. But thanks to a witch hellbent on revenge and the demon she invited between her sheets, Edwina’s stable existence will be shaken to the core.

When the Red Witch and Melisande Mercier need an intermediary to the loa, they beat a path to Edwina’s door. She agrees to help them find another one to speak to the ancient spirits. But helping them means facing her past. And possibly losing her husband.

Edwina goes on a historical journey to appease the loa and stop the demon who wants to bring about an early apocalypse. Sacrifices will have to be made. Truths will be shared.

In the end, it will take a team effort—a Celtic witch, a Gothic witch, and a hybrid witch—to keep humanity safe and send the Son of the Horseman War back to Hell. 

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