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NEW RELEASE: “Faerie Stolen (Curse of the Fae 2)” by Anna Applegate


Title:Faerie Stolen (Curse of the Fae 2)
Author: Anna
Genre: New
Adult PNR/Fantasy Romance
Cover Designer: Trif Book Design
Editor: Proof
Date: April 28
th, 2022
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Life with Fae Royalty is proving to
be a royal pain in the…


Capturing a Seelie spy should have put Coraline Fray in the Unseelie
Queen’s favor. After all, she did singlehandedly save her, her husband, and the
stunningly handsome Prince Noah. But instead, all it did was make things
between Cora and the royals even more complicated.


To keep the her away from the prince, Cora is reprioritized to be a
ladies maid to none other than Noah’s betrothed, but Cora soon discovers this
beautiful fae duchess is a snake, twisting everyone around her venomous
fingers, including Prince Noah. Her desire to claim the throne goes beyond her
arranged marriage, and Cora is the only one who can stop her. But will anyone
believe her?


With a war brewing between the kingdoms, things begin to unravel fast…and
Cora is stuck right in the middle of it all. Her loyalty has been proven to the
Unseelie Court, but will that be enough?


Fans of Bella Forrest and Stephenie Meyer won’t be able to put this
new-adult, paranormal romance down!


One-click now to return to Faerie on
another magical adventure!

Anna Applegate
is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes paranormal romance and lives
tucked away in rural Maryland with her beautiful daughters, building a
mini-Disney Princess army in their own little happily ever after.


Anna is an avid
reader, especially if it involves vampires. She loves to escape into her
fictional world – whether through her unchecked book addiction, or by creating
her own paranormal romances filled with fantasy and surprise twists and turns.


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Glancing over my shoulder once and waiting a few seconds to ensure no one
was coming, I let curiosity get the best of me. I slipped the brown tie off so
I wouldn’t have to retie it and undid the paper wrapping around the bottle.


There was a clear liquid inside the bottle. I set it down on the dresser
next to me and looked at the short note.


In case it all goes sideways…


Next to the short, ominous sentence was a symbol that froze my blood.


The sentence ended with a dark, shaded-in skull and crossbones.


The universal sign for poison.


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