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Happy Friday!! How are you?

Well, I’m finally back in the swing of things! It’s amazing what a little time off can do. Yes, it helps reinvigorate, but for me, it also puts me in a lazy frame of mind.

As you may know by now, I’ve cancelled all of my signing events for this year. Much like everyone else, inflation is really kicking my butt. It’s difficult to plan for fun stuff when the everyday things demand more and more money. But that’s okay! We’ll make the best of the situation.

This month I’ve been participating in a writing prompt challenge. It’s been good for inspiration. Today’s story started out as the following prompt: Write a short story about a person who hates hot weather being forced into a holiday in Australia with their friend in the middle of a heatwave.

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Murders on the Gold Coast

Episode One

Sweltering heat was notorious for causing droughts and igniting fires, but Lauren Archer had never known high temperatures to spark a wave of terror. Unfortunately, that was what the private investigator found on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Although Lauren appreciated the possibility of work, she was supposed to be on vacation. Her idea of time off was a quiet cabin in the woods. Going to Surfers’ Paradise was her boyfriend’s idea. Gabe Beck was a former pro surfer. It had been years since he toured, but the man was always on the lookout for the perfect wave.

As the woman stared down at the bludgeoned body, she wondered what brought the victim to the beach. He hadn’t been looking for the ideal wave. The vic, dressed in a ripped suit and tie, hadn’t been there for swimming or a day in the sun either.

Gabe nudged Lauren’s shoulder. “Maybe we should go. Leave this to the police.”

Of course, he was right. She was an American on foreign soil. Lauren had no business snooping around. Besides, it was too damn hot for her to work. Lazing around the air-conditioned hotel room suited her just fine.

But when another business man washed up on shore two days later, Lauren knew it wasn’t a coincidence or something she could ignore.

And that was the reason she waltzed into the office of the Australian Federal Police. The Commissioner, a balding man possibly in his mid-forties, glared at her from across his desk.

“I appreciate your concern, Miss Archer, but I assure you we are in control of the situation.”

She crossed her long legs. “I don’t doubt your ability. I’m only offering my assistance.”

He folded his hands on top of the blotter. “Do yourself a favor. Go back to your hotel and enjoy the A/C. Better yet, take in the sights. If we should need your help, the Commonwealth will reach out.”

Lauren hated being dismissed, but what else could she do?

“Well, thank you for your time. You have my number.”

As she walked out of his office, she glimpsed a news crew speaking with an officer.

“Officer Danbury, all three men were foreigners.”

“Tourists,” the short man corrected. “It’s the season.”

“But how many tourists go to the beach in their work attire?”

He chuckled uneasily. “Who can explain visitors? They get drunk and think they’re invincible. I assure you the AFP is doing everything to investigate the incidences. Nothing for the public to worry about.”

But Lauren didn’t believe that for a moment.

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