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FREEBIE BOOK ALERT: “After the Ending” by Lindsey Pogue & Lindsey Fairleigh


Title: After
the Ending
Lindsey Pogue & Lindsey Sparks (Fairleigh)
Genre: New Adult Post
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The Walking Dead
meets X-Men in this evocative post-apocalyptic love story and adventure!


→ superpowered
post-apocalyptic survival

→ unbreakable

→ gritty dystopian

→ a touch of romance


The Virus spread.
Billions died. The Ending began.

We may have survived
the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us…


If someone had told
me three months ago that 90 percent of the people in the world were about to
die, I would’ve laughed.


If someone had told
me the survivors would develop unbelievable abilities, I would’ve called them


If someone had told
me I’d find love with the least likely person, I would’ve rolled my eyes.


And if someone had
told me that, after everything, the people I cared about most would be torn
from my grasp, I would’ve walked away.


I wish I could walk
away now…



  “Never a dull
moment! What an amazing story.”

  “A fantastic
series. Loved every book!!!”

  “This was a highly
unexpected addicting surprise.”

  “Simply amazing!”

  “This was a truly
amazing and emotional ride.”

  “I have never ever
read such an intense story. Gripped my soul. Best series EVER!”

Lindsey Pogue is a genre-bending fiction author, best known for her soul-stirring, post-apocalyptic survival series, Savage North Chronicles and Forgotten Lands. As an avid romance reader with a master’s in history and culture, Lindsey’s adventures cross genres and push boundaries, weaving together facts, fantasy, and timeless love stories of epic proportions.


When she’s not plotting her next epic storyline, or dreaming up new, brooding characters, she’s wrapped in blankets watching monster flicks with her own leading man. Lindsey and her husband live in Northern California with their rescue cats, Beast and Blue.

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Lindsey Sparks
is a bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy author who lives her life with one
foot in a book—so long as that book transports her to a magical world or bends
the rules of science. Her novels, from Post-apocalyptic to Time Travel Romance,
always offer up a hearty dose of unreality, along with plenty of history,
mystery, adventure, and romance.


When she’s not
working on her next novel, Lindsey spends her time hanging out with her two
little boys, working in her garden, or playing board games with her husband.
She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and their small pack of cats
and dogs.



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