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NEW RELEASE: “Delectable” by Emily Robertson


Title: Delectable
Author: Emily
Genre: New
Adult Romance
Cover Designer:
Indie Sage
Date: April 28
th, 2022
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Jace Callahan had to
be going through a midlife crisis. Sure he was about twelve years too soon, but
it seemed to be the only explanation for the state of matters. Fresh out of a
divorce, the only bit of advice his folks gave him had been to stick it out. Not
listening had led him to his best friend’s restaurant and the pity job Travis
found for him to do. Now Jace was parenting solo on the weekends in a place he
wasn’t even fond of just to get away from all the drama.


Beth Rollins wasn’t
your typical twenty-four-year-old. Growing up with super conservative parents
made her naïve, and when they disowned her for not thinking the same, her life
changed real fast. Things weren’t flowers and sunshine all the time, but after
landing a dream job, Beth thought perhaps things were finally going her way.
Running into Jace reminded her she wasn’t allowed to have nice things.


When Jace and Beth’s
worlds are thrown together again, only one of them remember their past
connection. Having already shed her former self, Beth is in no hurry to remind
Jace of their history. Perhaps he’ll see her for the woman she is and not the
girl they all made fun of in high school. What’s the worst that could go wrong
anyway? It’s not like guys like him stuck around long term with girls like her.

USA Today
Bestselling author Emily Robertson’s creativity started early in life on stage.
Now instead of theatre, she spends her time creating worlds on the page for
others to enjoy. As an avid reader, she enjoys reading New Adult and
Contemporary Romance as much as she does writing them. When her dog isn’t
keeping her company in her office, she might be anywhere. She’s recently
learned all about baseball when her son took up the sport, playing mom taxi for
one of the many activities that’s going on, or binging on some reality TV show
she can’t get enough of.


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