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Nadirah Foxx  


Hello there from sunny… Wait! Cloudy… Oh, no… sunny Albuquerque! We’ve been here for a little over a week and a half and the weather has been up and down. On our first full day it SNOWED! Thankfully, it was short lived and was melted by noon.

So, why are we in Albuquerque? My husband’s job required him to come for a shoot. Usually, when he’s had business-related trips, I wasn’t able to go. This time our daughter encouraged me to tag along. Not that she wanted to throw a wild party or anything. She thought hubby and I could use a little couple time. She was right.

My favorite spot so far? Old Town!

I’ve seen beautiful artwork, blankets and ponchos, and lots of knickknacks. We’ve eaten at some great restaurants and ignored my WW points totally! I’ve had more alcohol in New Mexico than I’ve had in over a year (I gave it up for WW).

We’ve also stayed in a really nice house (the company rented it for us). I have a new appreciation for historic homes and would love to own and restore a Craftsman.

All in all, I’m having a fabulous time! I’ve been getting my writing and revising done, too. But I totally fell out of love with the serial story I’ve been posting on Fridays. I need a new idea and am open to any suggestions. Maybe by the time we return to Los Angeles, I’ll have a brand new story to share. Fingers crossed!

Until next week…

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