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SF Benson  

COVER REVEAL: “Death & Mirrors: All Things Dark & Deadly, Book One” by SF Benson

Title: Death & Mirrors: All Things Dark & Deadly, Book One

Author: SF Benson

Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy

Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Design

Expected Release Date: July 6, 2022


What happens when a budding detective falls down the rabbit hole?

Evaline Wainwright is the daughter of acclaimed occult archaeologists. The necromancer stumbles upon a mystery when a stranger dressed in black comes to the Wainwright home seeking help. Determined to discover the truth behind the visit, Evaline follows the woman.

Chasing the bizarre female lands Evaline and her beau in a mirror world without rhyme or reason. The sun never shines, the fog never lifts, and it’s always damp. Life doesn’t thrive in Londinium because of a heinous criminal known as Doctor Death.

The beast can be stopped, but they need the mythical Firestone to do the job.

Can Evaline unearth the artifact and prevent the creature from killing anyone else?

SF Benson is the author of the paranormal suspense series, The Spell Caster Diaries. Although she knows everything about Falls Creek, New York and the supernaturals living there, she resides with her husband and daughter in sunny Southern California. When she’s not writing about strong heroes and heroines conquering the odds, she spends her time either reading romance and fantasy novels or binge-watching her favorite DC Universe shows or Marvel movies.

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