New Release
Nadirah Foxx  

NEW RELEASE: “Stand for Ukraine” Anthology


Title: Stand for
Series: The New
Romance Cafe Collection (#13)
Genre: Women’s
Fiction, Romance, Flash Fiction, Poetry
Model: Kevin R
Golden Czermak
Cover Design:
The Cover Fling
Charity: Save
the Children Ukraine
Date: March 25
th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Protect the

Provide for

We stand with


Across the
globe authors have come together to provide stories filled with hope, heart and
understanding, inspired by the events of February 2022.


UKRAINE is a collection of romance, women’s fiction and poetry. Proceeds go to
Save the Children’s efforts to provide Ukrainian children with food, warmth,
shelter and psychological support.

Participating Authors: 


Aarti V Raman,Ally
Vance, Amanda Cuff, A McCarty, Andie Bale, Pandora Snow, Anna Klein, Anna
Volkin, Annee Jones, April A. Luna, April D. Berry, M.A. Lee, A.M. Roark, Sarah
Stein, Riana Everly, Lesley Hoover, Bria James, C.A. Rene, Caraway Carter,
Cassie Simon, Corinne M Knight, Dakota Willink, Danielle Pays, Dawn McGraw, D A
Nelson, Debra Elise, Demelza Carlton, Diane Jones, Sharon A. Mitchell, Emily
Rose, EmKay Connor, Eva Moore, Ginger Ring, Dylan Quinn, Gwen Dylan, Caia
Daniels, Harlow Layne, Harper Michaels, Heather D’Agostino,Heather Scarlett,
Helena Novak, Carol Van Den Hende,Iuliana Foos, Jakki Frances, Jane Suen,
Jeanette Taylor Ford, Jen Stevens, Jennifer M. Miller, Jenny Fenshaw, JCC
Downing, Tasha Blythe, J. P. Uvalle, K Leigh, Karigan Hale, Kasey Hill, Élodie
Garroway, Katherine Moore, Katie Rae, Kimberly Halstead, Kristie Leigh, Olivia
Rhymer, Kristin T. De La Garza, Dakota Star, Lisa Wells, M.Culler, S.C.
Principale, Maida Malby, Mandy Bee, Margaret Madigan, Maria Macdonald, Megan
Ryder, M Jameson, Melissa Riddell, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Merrie Destefano, Chele
Maccabe, Michelle Iannarelli, Maya Lemaire, Leila Coltyn, Kathleen Ryder, N.J.
Ember, A.R. Bell, Remy Reigns, Renee Dahlia, Leann Castellanos, RJ Gray, Robin
Andrews, Cass K, Rosie Wylor-Owen, Rubi Jade, Liz Martinson, Candace Sams,
Guinevere Jordan, Shannon O’Connor, Miranda Jameson, Simone Leigh, Skye
MacKinnon, Skye Turner, Sofia Aves, Jo Seysener, J. T. Silver, Susan Horsnell,
Suki McMinn, Tanya Dawson, Tanya Nellestein, Taya Rune, T.R. Weatherly, T Wells
Brown, Tina Glasneck, Tracy Broemmer, Tracy Reed, Trinity Wood, Yolanda Olson,
Zoey Indiana, Daniel Cade Quinn, Sabrina Silvers, Kari Ganske, Faith Justice,
Nina Knight, Michelle L. De La Garza, Sloane Nicole

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